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Our Mission

To make movement possible using German engineered foot orthotics (insoles) to restore your body posture.

Our Story

Jolene, a co-founder of Wonderwalk, suffered severe back pain due to poor posture and scoliosis. She experienced a German approach in treating her pain when she moved to Europe in 2012.

The German engineered foot orthotics (insoles) approach using full body posture assessment before treatment made great improvements on her posture and quality of life.

In 2017, Jolene noticed there were not many businesses specialised in foot orthotics that emphasise on full body posture assessment. Thus, she convinced Benjamin (also a co-founder of Wonderwalk) to move to Penang to start the business using this approach.

Bjørn Andreas Benjamin Peikert (Benjamin) who is a German trained Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) ISPO CAT 1, has 27 years of experience in the Prosthetic and Orthotic field (P&O). He used to lead and train a team of CPOs and orthopedic technicians in Blatchford Ortopedi, Norway. He agreed to start Wonderwalk in Penang to help those who want to improve their quality of life using the German engineered approach.

Today, Wonderwalk continues to treat musculoskeletal pain, muscular imbalances, postural misalignments and foot deformities with bespoke foot orthotics insoles, specially designed training and training devices.

Our Commitment

The team has more than 27 years of experience in the Prosthetic and Orthotic field (P&O) in Malaysia, Norway and Germany.

Key data is extracted by measuring and quantifying gait in a scientific way using 3D clinical gait analysis, 3D foot scan and foot pressure measurement.

We are committed to provide German engineered bespoke solutions specially for you.

Do You Want To Get Back On Your Feet Minus The Pain?

Having the right combination of footwear and bespoke foot orthotics (insoles) would help to reduce your discomfort, provide adequate support, or reset your body posture. Book your appointment NOW to learn how bespoke foot orthotics (insoles) can help to improve your condition.