Enjoy a


with Bespoke Foot Orthotics
We feel it is our duty to improve the quality of your work, life, and play by providing more than just an insole. Through our innovative foot orthotics (insoles), specialised training courses, training devices, and comprehensive gait analysis, we aim to realign your posture and alleviate your symptoms from the ground up.

5 Easy Steps

To Be Pain-Free

Reduce discomfort with the latest advancements with German engineered foot orthotics (insoles).

Book An Appointment With Us

It is important to wear something tight and not black. Also, please bring along the shoes you wear most frequently.

Receive Consultation

We will explain your condition, the problems that led to it and recommend the best form of solution for you.

Come In For A Fitting & Be Pain-Free

Your bespoke insoles should be ready within 14 working days. We will conduct another gait analysis as a comparison.

Get Yourself Examined

We will create your personal biomechanical profile by examining you and conducting a 3D clinical gait analysis, foot pressure measurement and 3D scan to assess your condition

We Make Your Bespoke Insoles

If you are recommended to use insoles, we will use the 3D scan, foot pressure measurement and your personal biomedical profile to produce your bespoke insoles.

Need more advices
how to improve your posture?