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Knee pain
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Are you suffering from the following pain problems?

Knee Pain
Back Pain
Mask Group 148
Foot Pain
Mask Group 144
Ankle Pain
Flat feet
Flat Feet
Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis

Do you know that Poor Posture can lead to Variety of Pains ?

Habitual postural patterns ( like the way we sit , daily activities, job required movement and others ) are associated with musculoskeletal pain, which if left untreated, the pain will develop. Such as foot pain , knee pain , back pain , ankle pain and others.

Group 653
Group 656

O Leg

Group 658

Plantar Fasciitis

Group 654

Flat feet

Group 660

XO Leg

Group 657

Valgus toe

Group 661

X Leg

What causes these problems?

Mask Group 152
Path 866

Incorrect walking and sedentary posture

Long-term fitness & weightlifting

Path 866
Path 866

Ligament strain

Unsuitable shoes & insoles

Path 866
Mask Group 153
Mask Group 154
Path 866

Wearing high heels often

It’s said that the solution starts from the root. Foot health affects the entire body structure. Bad Posture Also will affect the entire body structure

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Don’t worry,
we have a solution for you.

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We are an insole expert with 27 years of experience

Widely acknowledge German Engineered Insoles recommended by European doctors and physiotherapists.

27 years of experience as Certified Orthotist in Germany and Norway (Blatchford Ortopedi) identifying foot and other biomechanical problems and give qualified advice and solution for your conditions.

Check MarkOur advanced technology & detection equipment
Check MarkUnique training method
Check MarkThrough 2D and 3D clinical gait analysis, our experts will analyze your feet and offer personalized recommendations.
Group 672

Walking Gait Analysis

Group 673

Running Gait Analysis

Foot Pressure Measurement

Foot Pressure Measurement

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Alleviate your pain and improve your postural misalignment

Bespoke Insoles are
Tailored made just for you.

With Wonderwalk, you can customize foot orthoses (insoles) using German-engineered design, participate in professionally designed training courses, and use training equipment to completely eliminate pain.

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